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Leyla and Mecnun

Komedi 7-yas-ve-uzeri-icin olumsuz-ornek-olusturabilecek-davranislar


Ali Atay Cengiz Bozkurt Deniz Işın Köksal Engür Serkan Keskin Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan Osman Sonant

Lost in his own desert, Mecnun comes back to his neighborhood eight years later. However, the neighborhood is totally different from its old days. It is not only the neighborhood that has changed but also even in his home, there are no familiar faces anymore. If he can't do anything soon, his home will slip away from his hands. This time, Mecnun starts his action like "I will set my game now" and he tries to do his best to bring the entire neighborhood together. One thing he doesn't know is that this struggle will drag him into the middle of a mutual destiny with Leyla.

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